Benefits of Digital Marketing

It's no surprise that people are online and for most of the day at that.

So if they are online, your law firm ought to be too!


Marketing - The Classic Way


Classic marketing styles are simple - an advertisement created for TV, radio, and billboards targeting a specific product or service. This advertisement is then sent out into the world, hoping someone who needs that product or service sees it and contacts the company.


An example of this classic marketing style goes like this:

  1. Consumers see your advertisement while watching TV.
  2. One consumer is looking for legal services.
  3. The advertisement catches their eye.
  4. The consumer then calls your law firm to inquire about legal services because of the advertisement.  
  5. Your law firm retains a new client.


While this classic marketing style seems simple, the advertisement's effectiveness is limited to the right consumer needing AND seeing your law firm's details simultaneously. This style leaves a lot of chance.


Marketing - The Digital Way


Luckily, marketing has joined the digital world, helping to reduce the limitations of classic marketing. Not only does digital marketing allow companies to reach more people, but it also allows them to direct their advertisements to particular demographics who would benefit from their product or service.  


Which Way?

It's called Search Marketing.


Digital marketing allows law firms to target clients who are already searching for legal services. Think about it. If someone is searching for legal services that your firm offers, they are more likely to commit. That's much easier than hoping someone who needs legal help sees your TV advertisement at just the right time (and before they see an ad for your competition).  


An example of this digital marketing style goes like this:

  1. A consumer needs legal help.
  2. They search the internet for a law firm specializing in that area of law.
  3. Search engines list your law firm among the top results.
  4. The consumer reviews your accurate business listing.
  5. Your law firm retains a new client.


Even better, you can buy search ads that concentrate on the search terms of your competitors, thus, aiming for your competition's clients!


Analytics is an added perk of digital marketing. Analytics allows your law firm to assess the effectiveness of your online marketing plan by analyzing the number of views to clicks to engagement.