Claiming Your Listing

The Visalia Attorneys directory prides itself on ensuring accurate listings, so clients can easily find you and your law firm. Therefore to maintain this accuracy, we require that the person in question claim a listing before any updates or customizations are permitted.

Are you eager to take advantage of all that the Visalia Attorneys directory can offer you and your law firm?  Then, let's get started.  Follow the below steps to locate and claim your listing.  

Sign In or Create Visalia Attorneys Account


First, point and click on "Sign in" in the upper right-hand corner of the Visalia Attorneys home page. If you have an established account, enter in your login credentials and click "Sign in."



If you don't already have an account, you will need to create one. Select "Register" under the sign-in button. Type your first and last name in addition to your email and a unique password. Then, click on "Register."


Locate Your Current Listing


The Visalia Attorneys directory is populated with hundreds of legal professionals in the Visalia area. Do you already have a basic profile listed? Find out by typing your first and last name into the search bar on the home page and clicking on "search."


Alternately, if you cannot locate your basic profile in Visalia Attorneys to claim a listing, you can simply set up a new profile.  



Select Your Listing From the Search Results


Once you click "search," the directory will provide results that either match or closely match your search words. Find and click on your name to proceed to your current listing details.  



View the Details and Claim Your Listing


Here you can review all your details as they currently stand within the Visalia Attorneys directory. Then to proceed click on "claim listing."



Select Marketing Plan


Visalia Attorneys offers three main marketing plans. Here you can review these plans and determine the best fit for you and your law firm. Next, click "select" from the plan column of your choice.  

Payment for Selected Plan


Visalia Attorneys use Stripe to process payments. On this screen, you can confirm your selected plan and review the price due to proceed. Then click on "Pay with Card." 



Enter all the necessary details, included email and credit card details to complete payment.


Administrator Approval


Upon completion of payment, your request to claim the listing is sent to the Visalia Attorneys website administrator. We will contact you to complete our verification process before approval. 


Once approved, you will be granted access to edit and upgrade your Visalia Attorneys' listing.


We hope you found this tutorial helpful, but you are welcome to contact us if you still have questions.