Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if my unclaimed profile information is incorrect?


We want our users to be able to find you and your law firm quickly and efficiently. Therefore, all listings must be claimed by the individual concerned before any changes can be made. In doing this, we strive for correctness.


If your listing needs to be updated, select "Claim Listing" below your name and address to make changes. Then follow the instructions.


Should you not want to claim your listing right now, we will gladly remove it from our site. Kindly email us your request for removal along with a photo ID. Redacting personal information, such as your birthday, is perfectly fine. We only want to verify the name and photo to complete your request. At this point, we will remove your listing from the Visalia Attorneys directory and erase your photo ID from our files.


Unsure if your law firm details are correct throughout other directories and online platforms? We suggest trying out the LOCALSYNC free scan tool at the bottom of the page. Find out if your clients can find you online and where updates are needed.


Why Should I Claim My Profile and Go Premium?


Per a Google report, law firms with complete business directory listings appear to be twice as trustworthy as those with insufficient listings. Consumers want to get to know your business to feel comfortable. Business listings with photos, reviews, open hours, service listings, and more can do just that.


Is it Essential to Have Accurate Local Details For My Law Firm?


Absolutely! Did you know 73% of consumers lose confidence when they receive incorrect details about a company? Inaccurate or incomplete online details can cause companies to lose more than $10 billion annually.


Think about it; your potential clients could end up at your competitor's law firm if your address is wrong. Good for them, bad for you!


What Details Should I Use in My Profile?


We have a guide to help you through the process of setting up your profile.


Do I Have to Sign a Contract?


No! You choose your subscription level, which you can stop at any time.


Is a Featured Listing Worth the Extra Cost? 


About 3/4 of all search result clicks happen within the first page of the search results. As a Featured Listing, the online traffic for your profile will increase significantly. Thus, boosting your law firm's reputation if appropriately optimized. 


Picture this; a person needs immediate legal advice after a traffic accident. They quickly look online for the first law practice with a good reputation. Your law firm shows up in the top results, resulting in a new client! Even one new client a month is worth the extra cost.



There are Many Directories Out There. How Do You Know Which to Choose? 


We feel it's essential to manage your law firm's image throughout all possible directories.


Each business directory allows you to reach new clients through different marketing channels. Plus, they give your law firm valuable backlinks to enhance your SEO and Google search rank. 


Concentrated professional directories along with dedicated legal directories effectively promote your online presence and improve your odds of landing a new client.