Is Reputation Management Important?

Have you ever thought about your online image ("reputation") and how it can affect your law firm? No? You definitely need to start paying attention now!  


Internet reviews are a driving force, with nearly 90% of purchases made based on reviews. They can drive prospective clients to your front door or towards your competition. Neglected negative reviews can send clients running away, while positive reviews can help improve your bottom line.


Reviews (both good and bad) need your timely attention, earning trust to maintain a steady client list.


This informative video explains how to answer all types of reviews.

A credible online reputation is directly related to the correctness of ALL your online business listings


The benefits don't stop there.


When ranking search results, search engines take your law firm's reputation into account. A robust online reputation can lead to a higher search results ranking, creating visibility for your law firm. And visibility can have a direct bearing on attaining new clients.