Researching a Lawyer Online


It is now simpler than ever to locate a Visalia lawyer online. Online directories of lawyers (such as Visalia Attorneys), websites for each state bar association, and nationwide federal legal databases are accessible to the public for free.


Searching Professional Online Directories 


An excellent resource for creating a shortlist of possible Visalia lawyers is online professional directories that include geo-targeting (similar to this one). These directories allow you to perform one search to find lawyers based on their location and area of legal practice. Plus, discover more about each Visalia law firm. 


Moreover, these online directories of legal professionals may include additional information about choosing the right lawyer and other valuable details.



Use The State Bar of California Website to Research


When beginning your search online, go to the State Bar of California website. This site usually has the most current information for lawyers licensed to practice law in California.


You can search the State Bar of California site using various fields such as name, city, and languages spoken.


Use a National Directory to Research Your Visalia Lawyer Online


The US Department of Justice has a list of currently disciplined lawyers on its website. Here you can review an alphabetical list of lawyers who have been suspended or disbarred, plus the most recent offenders show at the top. You can see further details about the lawyer's disciplinary action by clicking on the gold date link.



Also, make sure to review the US Department of Justice's list of previously disciplined lawyers. Again in alphabetical order, the list includes the name of the attorney, city and state, date of suspension, discipline length, effective start date, and if/when they were reinstated.



Spend the Time to Research

When choosing a lawyer, research is essential. Make sure you spend the time and energy to find the right lawyer to represent your case in Visalia.