Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

 Social Media is Where Consumers Are


With over 3 BILLION consumers in the world using social media, don't you think your law firm should be one of them? Absolutely!


Social media is a great way for consumers to discover interesting articles, connect with their family and friends, explore common topics and products, as well as find new businesses (like your law firm).


To build a following for your law firm, you will need to create compelling, engaging, and useful articles on all social media platforms, such as TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook. While building your following through social media, you may find that managing all these social media platforms can be difficult.


Social Media Approaches for Law Firms


Unsure what to post on social media for your law firm? Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Newsflash (i.e., exciting updates for your firm)
  • Regularly asked questions, with answers
  • Legal Resources (i.e., links to case studies)
  • Legal hacks (i.e., free expense tracker or note-taking app).
  • Series about your firm's history, its partners and staff, and more.
  • Case outcomes (i.e., new wins or tally of wins to losses)
  • Positive feedback from clients


Each one of these can spark interest in your law firm, which in turn, can drive in more potential clients to your company.


Visualize Your Social Impact


Remember, the ultimate goal of social media is to get your law firm noticed by improving your online image. This means that you can't make a "social impact" with mundane posts. Your social media posts should be steady and engaging, so web users come back often and tell their friends.


Now that your law firm is active on social media, it's time to analyze your "social impact." You can measure your online performance using social media analytics and user tracking to determine the number of people who visit each posting.


Another possible method to bring attention to your law firm's online image is the use of a social media influencer. Social media influencers simply need to mention your law firm regularly to get your business seen by their large following. The more people are talking about your law firm, the less they are talking about your competition.