Upgrading your Subscription

Have you found your Visalia Attorneys' premium listing valuable but feel like it could do more? You are right!  Upgrade your subscription to a featured listing to get the most out of the Visalia Attorneys' directory.

In addition to everything offered with your current premium listing plan, a featured listing will grant your listing home page and premium site placement for maximum visibility.  

Get your listing seen before the competition and upgrade now!


Sign In to Your Visalia Attorneys Account


Let's get started by logging into your Visalia Attorneys account. From the homepage, click on "Sign in" at the top right corner. Then enter your credentials and select "sign in."


Find Your Premium Profile Listing


From your Visalia Attorneys' dashboard, select listings so access your active listings.  


Re-Claim Your Premium Profile Listing


In order to view the marketing plan options, you will need to select "Claim listing" under your name. 


Upgrade to a Featured Listing


Review the different marketing plans. Your current listing will either be a Premium Listing or Featured Listing. From here, select the Featured Listings or Home Page Featured option and the preferred payment option to proceed.  


Payment for Upgraded Marketing Plan


Visalia Attorneys collects payments via Stripe. This page is where you can review that you selected the right marketing plan and the cost involved. Click on "Pay with Card" to advance.  


Enter your email and credit card details.  Once you have reviewed all payment information is accurate, select "pay" to complete your upgrade.  


If you run into any issues along the way, click here for assistance.