Using ESQ.LINK to Market Your Legal Practice in Visalia

What's ESQ.Link


ESQ.Link is an application specifically designed for the legal industry. This application allows attorneys to create customized legal link marketing pages for their clients or team members.


Easy to set up, ESQ.Link link marketing pages can be completely customized. Upload headshots and logos to promote your practice. You can also adjust colors, fonts, and backgrounds to fit your brand. Plus, these pages display correctly on both mobile and desktop devices. 


Click here to see a sample.



What is a Branded Link Legal Page?


A branded link legal page is a personalized page containing all your contact details throughout ALL online platforms. Consolidate your email, phone, social media, and SMS application accounts all in one "link marketing" page.


ESQ.Link also allows you to make customized marketing links for valuable online details such as:


  • Your Profile Page
  • Website for Your Law Firm
  • Stand Out Cases
  • Published Law Firm Articles
  • Press Mentions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • eMail signup


Video embedding with ESQ.Link is also possible for link marketing pages. Highlight video clips of your law firm and team members so that your clients get to know you better.



ESQ.Link Custom Domains Strength


ESQ.Link is an excellent legal domain name. Think about it. How easy is it to remember ESQ.Link/YourName? It couldn't be easier, especially for your clients.


Are you looking for something more personal? ESQ.Link also offers access to marketable domain names for Premium and Pro subscribers. These domains consist of:




Do not limit yourself to ESQ.Link/YourName. Locate a premium domain name representing your firm's scope of work and apply both, such as or Not only do these links help boost your online reputation and provide valuable information for clients, but they also strengthen your SEO.


Have You Previously Purchased a Domain Name?


That works too! ESQ.Link shows you how to connect your purchased domain to use alongside the provided ESQ.Link custom domains. You can build ESQ.Link pages by simply pointing your domain's CNAME record to ESQ.Link.


New legal link marketing pages are quick and easy to design. You can create link marketing pages for your team members, all using the same domain to improve your branding.


Here's an example. If your domain name is, the following options might be available to you:




Is Your Firm's Website Already on Your Custom Domain?


That's not an issue. Creating a subdomain such as is possible at most registrars for no additional fee. By doing this, you preserve your firm's branding. Additionally, these new legal link marketing pages create valuable backlinks to your firm's website, thus enhancing your Search Engine Optimization.


Is It Really Worthwhile to Create Custom Link Pages?


For sure! Clients have direct access to your law firm by having more options through helpful links and informational channels. This gives you an edge over the competition.


Directory marketing, also known as location marketing, is beneficial when:


All information published is precise.

That's to say, your law firm's address, hours, contact numbers, and emails must be precise within ALL directories. It is essential not to mix up Google, in addition to not mixing up your clients.



Online presence is vital. Make it a point to have your law firm appear in as many directories as you can. Platforms like Yelp and Yellow Pages are a good start but don't forget legal directories (like Visalia Attorneys) on top of your ESQ.Link link marketing pages. A more extensive and precise online presence produces a greater chance of ranking higher in Google search results.


It can be daunting to keep these directories current once your information has been established, but don't panic. Services such as LOCALSYNC offer practical tools making it easy for attorneys like you.


Geo-Targeted Listings

Google will show results based on the client's location, especially when using a cellphone to search. Therefore, directory listings should include not only contact information but also geo-targeted information. For example, the Visalia Attorneys directory provides exact latitude and longitude data for each listing. Plus, when a client logs into Visalia Attorneys to search for an attorney, they can use the "Recommended Attorneys Near You" section to find one nearby.


Google will also strive to find attorneys close to you. This highlights the importance of accurate location information. Who do you think is most likely discovered by a client's geo-search, one that has 100 pages of online detail or one with only 10?


Ready to Give ESQ.Link a Try?


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